QuickCheck Digitalisierung 2 – Fit for the digital production – is live!

05. December 2016

Since the QuickCheck Digitalisierung 1 (QC1) - Fit for the digital transformation, developed by fortiss in cooperation with the bayme vbm (employers' association of the metal and electrical industry in Bavaria), has been very well received after its go-live at the beginning of the year 2016 (available via www.quickcheck-digitalisierung.bayern), we are pleased to announce that the QuickCheck Digitalisierung 2 (QC2) - Fit for the digital production - is also going live now. The QC2 was developed by Fraunhofer IGCV together with the Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management and the Chair of Ergonomics at the TU Munich exclusively for the members of bayme vbm. The technical implementation was carried out by fortiss. The QC2 can be accessed via www.quickcheck-digitale-produktion.de.

In contrast to the QC1, which focuses on digitization with a holistic view of the enterprise with respect to digital capabilities, not only technically but also in terms of staff and organization, thus providing a good introduction to this topic and directly addresses managing directors the QC2 focuses on production and is therefore an ideal complement to the QC2.

The QC2 on digitization is used to determine how companies are set up regarding digital production and gives advises on relevant fields of action. The conditions and requirements for technology, organization and staff are examined in the context of industry 4.0. With a structured questionnaire and individual expert interviews, information on the current situation of every company is collected, to subsequently derive recommendations for action addressing the individual objectives of each company.

The online questionnaire gives the experts of the Fraunhofer IGCV a first impression of each company. They then use the collected data in order to determine the current state of digitization of participating companies (with a focus on production) and perform a first benchmark with the average of the Bavarian metal and electrical industry. Just as in QC1, it is not necessary to answer all the questions. The individual participants decide which questions are relevant for their company and only these questions are used for further analysis.

More information can be found at www.baymevbm.de/qcdig1 for the QuickCheck Digitalisierung 1 - Fit for the digital transformation - and at www.baymevbm.de/QCDIG2 for QuickCheck Digitalisierung 2 - Fit for the digital production.

CONTACT for QC1 at fortiss: Matthias Pfaff

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