SFIT 1.2 released

06. September 2016

We are proud to announce the release of SFIT version 1.2!

SFIT is a software tool for assembly planning and management of assembly lines. Especially in the context of high product variability and small lot sizes.

You can download the software from our website: sfit.fortiss.org/download/

Version 1.2 comes with plenty of improvements and new features:

New modelling concepts:
- Possibility to maintain the production schedule for assembly lines (information, which is also taken into account for all checks).
- Possibility to maintain and check the storage capabilities of stations.

New Interfaces:
- Integrated web service to exchange information between planning tool and shop floor.
- Initial version of a browser based planer app.
- Exemplary implementation of a dynamic worker assistance system.

User Interface and Usability:
- 'Variability Assistant' to support the user in understanding the variability within the product line.
- Improved visualization of inconsistencies (e.g. for the deployment view).
- Auto completion for Presence Conditions, Production Schedule and many other places.

As well as plenty of bug fixes and improvements in stability.

We thank everyone who contributed to the improvement of SFIT with their feedback and inspirations! Andreas Bayha, on behalf of the SFIT Team

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