This is fortiss


fortiss is an institute associated with the Technical University of Munich and as such a full-fledged academic research institute while enjoying the independence granted by its legal form as a non-profit organization.

The shareholding partnership is equally divided between the Technical University of Munich’s legal entity (die Technische Universität München (K.d.ö.R.), the Bavarian Government represented by the Bavarian Business Development Bank (LfA Förderbank Bayern) and the Fraunhofer Society.


Our mandate is to facilitate research and technology transfer in software-intensive systems and services, thereby triggering future ready innovation, with a focus on Bavaria. In this role fortiss acts as a technological think tank, bridging the notorious gap between fundamental research in academia and its fruitful implementation in an industrially and commercially feasible context. We see this role as a two-way street; preparing advanced fundamental research results for practical use, but also identifying problems and challenges in industry and communicating them for resolution by academia.

 “With this new institute, we provide the Bavarian economy with a powerful partner to prepare and transfer the software expertise of the Technical University of Munich.” Martin Zeil, Deputy Prime Minister of Bavaria, Bavarian Minister for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transportation and Technology. (Dec. 22nd, 2008)

 To achieve this mandate, fortiss has particularly taken the following tasks upon itself:

  • Process and prepare the results of fundamental academic research for transfer and implementation in an industrial context.
  • Networking national research efforts with international excellence centers.
  • Identification, consolidation and formulation of practical problems and challenges, so that they can be transferred to and addressed by academic research.
  • Conception, facilitation and implementation of reference projects with partners from industry and academia.
  • Support, consulting and context-specific training in Systems engineering, IT services and software engineering, as well as the transfer and deployment of engineering know-how with a focus on small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • Development and deployment of advanced methods and approaches for a holistic and integrated product development (PLM) for software-intensive systems and services – from a customer oriented product definition all the way to development and implementation.
  • Establishing a knowledgebase for quantitative aspects of software development.
  • Development of scenarios for the future uses of software and the resulting demands on software- and service engineering and the subsequent impulses needed for innovative products and processes.
  • Support for the transfer and commercialization of research prototypes into nearly-ready-to-market solutions, especially in the form of start-up support.
  • Increase the visibility of software engineering as a topic, thus improving awareness and increasing and consolidating expertise.


fortiss is funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transportation and Technology.

The Software Car

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as an engine for the electromobility of the future.

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