Research at fortiss

Application Fields

Software-intensive embedded computing systems, as well as software-driven services and processes, play an increasingly important role in driving innovation and market success. The dynamic innovation pace and growing complexity of software-based systems require targeted research efforts and a closely cooperative knowledge transfer between academia and industrial technology leaders.

Given the large concentration of high-tech companies in the region surrounding Munich, the existence of a local player tackling this crucial task becomes of vital importance. Our institute pursues applied and market-oriented research in the field of Cyber-Physical Systems and Services, with a special focus on the automotive industry, industrial automation, smart energy systems and future public administration and governance.

Research Portfolio

Building on the distinguished research and development tradition of the elite Technical University of Munich, fortiss carries out R&D and technology transfer for software-intensive systems and services through the following activities:

  • Application-oriented fundamental research to develop innovative methods and software solutions.
  • Individualized conception, design, development and implementation of innovative software solutions.
  • Initiation and orchestration of research collaborations with partners from science and industry, with a particular focus on SMEs.
  • Road-maps, surveys, empirical user studies and feasibility studies as well as client assessments for the applied use of current and future software technologies.
  • Near-market research and development.
  • Implementation, maintenance and support of in-house developed software solutions.
  • Technical consulting on the selection, implementation and operation of complex software and service solutions.
  • Design, implementation and operation of industry-specific prototyping and experience labs.
  • Technical supervision of client-specific data acquisition and evaluation.
  • Technical workshops and training.
  • Technical evaluation and benchmarking of existing or newly developed technological solutions.
  • Support for the transfer and commercialization of research prototypes into nearly-ready-to-market solutions, especially in the form of start-up support.

Research Cooperation

Our main goal is to provide research and technology transfer, thereby triggering future ready innovation, especially in Bavaria. Our research teams develop progressive prototypical solutions for advanced innovation fields with a high positive impact on business and revenue models and as such for the economy as a whole. In this context we work in close collaboration with research and development partners from industry and academia.

Research Agenda Cyber-Physical Systems

Comprehensive overview on the phenomenon of Cyber-Physical Systems and the associated manifold challenges.

TecDay 13. / 14. October 2015

Multicore - The challenge in avionics