Design Space Exploration

Design Space Exploration techniques for solving multi-criteria system designs


Short Summary  and Goal of the research topic

Software-intensive embedded systems are characterized by an increasing number of features that implement complex functionalities. The overall system behavior is constrained by various system requirements, resp. constraints (e.g. timing, safety, energy, …).

Designing such system requires efficient methods and tools that are capable of finding valid system architectures in this multi-dimensional design space. Thus, Design Space Exploration refers to the process of systematically finding solutions from the set of possible designs, w.r.t. a set of given design constraints.

Research Topic Description

To address the above goals, we develop and provide techniques, methods and tools to support the system designer through guiding the design space to efficiently find such solutions.

Therefore, we consider and optimize system variants with respect to the following system requirements in systems engineering:

  • Costs (e.g. hardware costs, …)
  • Time (e.g. end-to-end latency, schedule optimization, … )
  • Safety (e.g. (A)SIL oriented deployment synthesis, GSNs, …)
  • Construction Space (e.g. area optimization, …)
  • Energy (e.g. energy consumption, …)

We provide a models-based approach for the development of methods for a (semi-) automated generation of (optimized) design solutions to support the system designer in early development phases for design space exploration problems in various domains, e.g. automotive, aeronautic, automation, … .

Selected Project

Contact Information and People

Dr. Sebastian Voss

Dr. Georgeta Igna

Dr. Victoria Cengarle

Dr. Vincent Aravantinos

Dipl.-Inf. Antoaneta Kondeva

Dipl.-Inf. Sergey Zverlov

Dipl.-Eng. Maghed Khalil


Sebastian Voss

Dr. rer. nat.
Sebastian Voss

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