1st International Workshop on Model-Based Design with a Focus on Extra-Functional Properties (MBDEFP)

26. November 2011

October 13th 2011, Taipei, Taiwan in conjunction with the Embedded Systems Week

In the last decade there has been a rapid growth of embedded electronic controls for safety-critical applications in avionics, automotives, industrial automation, medical instrumentation, power generation etc. The size and complexity of these systems are growing exponentially. Model-based design has proved a viable approach to develop quality hardware and software for such large systems. Current state-of-the-art model-driven development tools focus predominantly on functional behavior. However, many different extra-functional properties, such as resource constraints, safety and Quality-of-Service issues, energy efficiency, etc. must be taken into account. The developer has to ensure that the generated code complies with the requirements concerning these extra-functional properties. This workshop aims to discuss recent results of integrating extra-functional properties into model-driven development tools. The workshop covers fundamental results, their application in methods and tools as well as concrete implementations and use cases.


  • State-of-the-art techniques in model-based research and tools to design, develop, verify, and implement safety-critical systems.
  • Foundations of integrating extra-functional properties into domain-specific languages
  • Foundations on multi-criteria design optimization with respect to extra-functional properties
  • Synthesis of systems considering functional and extra-functional requirements
  • Concrete tools / domain-specific languages targeting extra-functional properties such as resource constraints, dependability, security, quality-of-service, energy efficiency and combination of these
  • Application areas, e.g. automotive, home and industry automation, avionics, energy, health care, mobile devices


09:00-09:05Workshop Opening
Christian Buckl (fortiss GmbH)
09:05-09:35"Bridging the gap between classical extra-functional properties of legacy embedded software and modern requirements addressed by Model-Based Design"
Stefan Resmerita, Andreas Naderlinger, Wolfgang Pree (University of Salzburg, Chrona), Patricia Derler (UC Berkeley), Kenneth Butts (Toyota)
09:35-10:00 Coffee Break
10:00-10:30"Graphical Specification, Verification and Synthesis of Models with Extra-Functional Properties"
Hugo A. Andrade, Arkadeb Ghosal, Kaushik Ravindran (National Instruments), Brian L. Evans (The University of Texas at Austin)
10:30-11:00"Model-Based Development of Deterministic, Event-Driven, Real-Time Distributed Systems"
Patricia Derler, John C. Eidson, Edward A. Lee, Slobodan Matic, and Michael Zimmer (UC Berkeley)
11:00-11:30"An alternative to stochastic analysis of real-time systems"
Sophie Quinton, Rolf Ernst (TU Braunschweig)
11:30-12:00"On Analytic Real-time Interfaces for State-based Component Models"
Kai Lampka, Lothar Thiele (ETH Zürich)
12:00-13:00Lunch Break
13:00-13:30"Incremental Time-triggered Scheduling"
Dejan Nickovic, Tom Henzinger (Institute of Science and Technology Austria), Axel Legay, Benoit Delahaye, Uli Fahrenberg (Inria France)
13:30-14:00"Worst-case performance analysis based on Integer Linear Programming"
Jinwoo Kim, Hyojin Ha, Sungchan Kim, Hyunok Oh, Soonhoi Ha (Seoul National University)
14:30-15:00"Analysis and Verification for Power-Aware Scheduling in Real-Time Systems"
Jian-Jia Chen (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
15:00-15:30Coffee Break
15:30-16:00"Game Solving for Industrial Automation and Control"
Chih-Hong Cheng, Michael Geisinger, Harald Rueß, Christian Buckl, and Alois Knoll (fortiss GmbH)
Arkadeb Ghosal, National Instruments


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  • Christian Buckl, fortiss GmbH
  • Arkadeb Ghosal, National Instruments
  • Kaushik Ravdindran, National Instruments
  • Bernhard Schätz, fortiss GmbH

Program Committee

  • Hugo Andrade, National Instruments
  • Joseph D'Ambrosio, General Motors
  • Marko Boskovic, University of Oldenburg
  • Olivier Hachet, Thales
  • Kai Huang, fortiss GmbH
  • Susmit Jha, University of California Berkeley
  • Martin Lukasiewycz, TUM CREATE, Singapore
  • Nikos Matragkas, University of York
  • Dejan Nickovic, Institute of Science and Technology Austria
  • Claus Pahl, Dublin City University
  • Hiren D. Patel, University of Waterloo
  • Dorina C. Petriu, Carleton University
  • Jan Reineke, University of California Berkeley
  • Sandeep Shukla, Virginia Tech
  • Stephan Sommer, Technische Universität München
  • Mario Trapp, Fraunhofer IESE
  • Qi Zhu, Intel

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