AI Center

AI Center

Specific problems in industry and everyday life

We research reliable and secure AI methods and software solutions

AI offers amazing opportunities and potential for shaping work and society. However, when using AI systems, companies must be aware which data they collect and process. Only by knowing this can they make its usage conscious and fair.

Despite technological advances that have led to the prevalence of AI-based systems, the question arises as to the degree of trust that can be placed in these software systems.

Business and society need a new generation of robust AI technologies

  • That make quick and secure decisions in uncertain, unpredictable environments,
  • Whose results are comprehensible and explainable,
  • That are resistant to erroneous input and targeted attacks,
  • That can handle ever-increasing volumes of data without compromising confidentiality and privacy.


At fortiss, we therefore work closely with our research and development partners to tackle our key research mission:

  • To systematically boost the potential of AI,
  • To develop robust AI by manageable and secure means,
  • To explore reliable and secure AI methods and develop software solutions that control and monitor company-critical processes and systems,
  • To develop AI solutions that can be operated in manageable and beneficial ways.

We attach particular importance to reliable, secure and self-learning software systems that make quick and safe decisions in uncertain environments or in unpredictable situations. This includes embedded decision and control systems such as software for autonomous, interacting vehicle fleets, autonomous service drones and air taxis, cloud-controlled production facilities, energy and utility infrastructures, as well as new digital services for the public administration.

Our AI Center therefore welcomes interested partners from academic research, industry and administration in Bavaria to work together with our researchers on specific problems and to advance AI technologies.

Specific uses

Current examples of use include autonomous networked vehicles and swarms of unmanned aircraft, medical robots, cognitive robots, the cognitive Internet of Things (IoT) and cognitive production, which are of particular importance to the future competitiveness of bavarian high-tech.


Further information on AI can be found in our white paper Artificial Intelligence - Opportunities for Business and Society in Bavaria (in German).

Dr. Harald Rueß

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Dr. Harald Rueß

+49 89 3603522 0

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The AI Center is located on the 15th floor of the Highlight Towers in Munich Schwabing.

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The reception area of our AI Center.

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Modern, open working atmosphere for our scientists in the AI Center.

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Dr. Harald Rueß (Scientific Managing Director) is presenting the AI Center on 10 October 2018.

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Franz Josef Pschierer (former Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs) is opening the AI Center on 10 October 2018.

Lead project

Center for AI Research

In the context of the IBM fortiss Centre of AI, over 50 researchers work on novel, AI-based software solutions. With comprehensible and explainable decisions, the acceptance of AI solutions should be significantly increased. Our basic research approach is based on the integration of inductive (also known as Machine Learning) with deductive AI methods. At present, the focus is on AI-based assistance systems, digital citizens' services and the flexible configuration and control of production robots using digital twins.

Center for Applied AI

Our Center for Applied AI welcomes partners from academic research and industry in Bavaria to work together with our researchers on tackling specific problems. With design thinking, impact hackathons and prototyping, we promote the systematic development of AI potential in Bavaria. We are also intensifying cooperation projects between business and science in order to develop practical products and services.

Munich Innovation Hub for Applied AI

As part of the EU's Digitising European Industry initiative, fortiss is registered as a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH). The DIH is a point of call for digitisation issues for businesses of all sizes and it helps them exploit the digital transformation.

The Munich Innovation Hub for Applied AI is open to all businesses in Bavaria and provides information on digital technologies that contribute to improving entrepreneurial competitiveness. fortiss places particular importance on the networking of knowledge holders so that companies can answer questions about the future viability of their own production processes, products or services. This happens primarily through events or through the support of project consortiums.