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Prof. Dr. Birte Glimm

Research fellow

fortiss short profile research fellow Prof. Birte Glimm
University Ulm

Prof. Dr. Birte Glimm has been active at the University of Ulm Institute for Artificial Intelligence since 2011. Her research activities focus mainly on the ontological representation of knowledge and automatically-derived conclusions.

This work involves developing, implementing and optimizing algorithms for automated reasoning, answering knowledge-based queries and adequately explaining automatically-derived conclusions to users. Working together with doctoral candidates, the developed processes will also be transferred to industry applications, such as knowledge analysis in the field of innovation management and map analysis in the area of autonomous driving.

Prof. Glimm was active in the development of semantic web standards (OWL web ontology language, SPARQL query language) within the World Wide Web Consortium.

At fortiss she will be engaged in the flagship project Robust AI and will collaborate with the Robotics, Business Model Engineering and Model-based Software Engineering groups.