Autonomous driving and artificial intelligence

SAT1 Bayern broadcasts documentary with fortiss team

fortiss researches develop a virtual test platform for real traffic scenarios. (photograph: BavariaOne)

Exciting things are happening on the A9 highway near Munich-Garching. Our Providentia team is installing the sensor technology for the infrastructure that will enable real-time monitoring of the road situation. In a documentary dedicated to the topic of autonomous driving and artificial intelligence that will be broadcast on Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 5:30 pm, SAT1 Bayern will show how the fortiss researchers are developing the necessary software environment.

The foundation for the road monitoring system is the interaction of state-of-the-art mobile networks, distributed sensors, cameras and algorithms. The digital infrastructure is designed to provide drivers of conventional and autonomously-connected vehicles a view of the road situation ahead, in addition to traffic prognoses.  

You can watch a small clip of the documentary on our YouTube channel.

Further information regarding Providentia is available here.

Here ist the link to SAT1 Bayern's media library including the documentary (german language version).


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