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EFPF - Hands-on event


To promote the development of an active community around the European Factory Platform (EFPF), the EFPF project organizes EFPF Ecosystem Catalyzer Events. These are unfunded events organized for researchers, students, and other interested parties to test, validate, and develop EFPF platform including the tools, services, and infrastructure.


  • Gain practical and hands- on experience about federated digital platform, industrial IoT, and industry 4.0 topics
  • Chance to demonstrate technical skills and win valuable prizes
  • Get support to publish results in a peer-reviewed scientific journal or well recognised conference


The Hands-on events aim to invite interested researchers and students to validate specific solutions, perform innovation experiments, and bring innovative ideas in alignment with the identified challenges.


  • Challenge 1
    Evaluate Shop floor to platform connectivity using EFPF IoT gateway TSMatch. The goal of the challenge is to assess the usability and functionality of such IoT gateways.
  • Challenge 2
    Evaluate the functional and non-functional aspects of EFPF SDK in developing digital smart (digital manufacturing related) applications


The event was postponed.
This event aim at kick-starting the hands-on event by presenting the challenges and the tools to be used. Participants then have one week to work on it and to submit the results after, to be evaluated by the EFPF jury. An award event will follow up.






Free of charge

Target groups

Researchers, students, entrepreneurs and other interested parties

More information

European Factory Platform (EFPF)

EFPF project on LinkedIn

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You can register directly for the EFPF hands-on event on 02. February 2022 at the following link.

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