IDEAthon/Hackathon EU-IoT Edge

EU-IoT IDEAthon/Hackathon 2021/22

Mobile Sustainable IoT Solutions

The Cooperation and Support Action EU-IoT is organizing an online Hackathon with focus on Mobile Sustainable IoT solutions to encourage developers, students, researchers to discuss, cooperate and develop open-source solutions focused on the EU-IoT scope area: tactile Internet/Human-centric interfaces, Near/Far edge aspects, Infrastructure, Data spaces and alsospecific challenges of the European Factory Platform (EFPF), also with focus on manufacturing.

For each proposed challenge domain, there is the possibility to develop three different types of projects or you can also propose an additional project of your own:

  • Technical projects: The focus is on the development of a technical solution to address the challenge. Outcome shall be provided in the form of open-source code to be uploaded to the EU-IoT Hackathon git repository.
  • Training skills projects: The focus is on the development of a training tool to be available online which addresses the specific proposed challenge. Outcome can be: a Web-based training tool; a Tutorial (e.g., powerpoint, video), etc.
  • Prototype Business/Design ideas: The focus is on the development of a business framework for an IoT solution.

The Hackathon allows you to interact with different exciting IoT projects and their experts (academia and industry); provides you with awards; and promotes the visibility of your work within the context of the "Next Generation IoT" initiative!

This Hackathon is partially supported by the H2020 projects EFPF (Co-funded by the Horizon2020 Program of the European Commission. Grant Agreement number # 825075 ) and EU-IoT (co-funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Commission, Grant Agreement number 956671).


27. - 29. June 2022


Online and co-located with
CONASENSE2022, Munich, Germany





  • Organizers: Rute C. Sofia, Mitula Donga

Technical Committee

  • EU-IoT Challenge Domains: Rute Sofia (fortiss), Lamprini Kolovou (Martel); John Soldatos (Intracom); Mirko Presser (Aarhus University); Brendan Rowan (Bluspecs)
  • EFPF Challenge Domain: Mitula Donga (fortiss), Alexandros Nizami (ITI-CERTH), Florian Jasche (Fraunhofer FIT), Ingo Martens (Hanse Aerospace); Carlos Coutinho (Caixa Mágica), Usman Wajid

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Prof. Dr. Rute Sofia

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Prof. Dr. Rute Sofia

+49 89 3603522 170

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