IDEAthon/Hackathon EU-IoT Edge


IoT Edge Computing

The Cooperation and Support Action EU-IoT (European IoT Hub – Growing a sustainable and comprehensive ecosystem for the Next Generation Internet of Things) is developing an IDEAthon/Hackathon focused on challenges for smart, decentralised IoT Edge computing and networking architectures. Specific themes to be addressed concern the use of open-source and training solutions, as well as business ideas for near and far Edge concepts; human/IoT device interfaces; infrastructure; data spaces.

The EU-IoT Edge IDEAthon/Hackathon is a collaborative event, not a competition and is open to everyone. The main goal of the event is to bring together the European IoT community (industry, SMEs, researchers, and students), to assist in better understanding operational challenges and also to contribute to the development of smart decentralized IoT Edge applications.

In that sense, the IDEAthon/Hackathon is looking for new ideas, experiments and prototypes as first steps towards realizing future IoT Edge Computing deployments. The following awards are envisioned:

  1. Best idea award
  2. Three best development awards

During the course of 4 events established over the 6 months of the IDEAthon/Hackathon, developers, researchers, and students shall be offered the possibility to interact with different IoT projects (Horizon2020 Research and Innovation Actions), currently exploring forefront ideas for the support of IoT applications and businesses.

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  • Kick-off August 30, 2021
    during the IoT Week 2021, on the EU-IoT Forum
  • 1st Meetup in early October 2021
    Impact on RIAs
  • 2nd Meetup in early December 2021
    Open-source and standardization
  • Final awards session, February 2022









Free of charge

Target groups

Industry, SMEs, researchers, developers and students


EU-IoT Organizing Committee

  • Hendrik Walzel (fortiss)
  • Codrina Lauth (fortiss)
  • Lamprini Kolovou (Martel)
  • John Soldatos (Intracom)
  • Mirko Presser (Aarhus University)
  • Brendan Rowan (Bluspecs)


You can register directly for the IDEAthon/Hackathon EU-IoT Edge at the following link.

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 Hendrik Walzel

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Hendrik Walzel

+49 089 3603522 530

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