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What are the benefits of energy networking for existing quarters?

The energy transition and climate change call for new solutions in the energy industry. Buildings account for a significant share of Germany's primary energy consumption. Increasing efficiency in the building sector is therefore an important energy policy goal. To make progress in this area, the previous focus must be shifted from individual buildings to sustainable quarter solutions.

MEMAP: breaking new ground in energy supply

In the MEMAP (Multi-Energy Management and Aggregation Platform) research project, the project partners are jointly researching and developing a digital system solution to network local energy management systems and enable standardized, cross-building optimization in the electricity and heat sectors in existing buildings. The goal: to make synergy effects in energy-optimized interconnected operation visible and economically usable, to improve the efficiency of energy supply and to save CO2.

What to expect in the workshop

Since 2017, the MEMAP project team has been researching innovative solutions that will be presented at the workshop. The components of the platform for networked quarters developed in the project will be presented using the example of the commercial area in Munich/Riemerling and discussed with the help of a profitability analysis.

You can expect exclusive insights into the research results of MEMAP using the example of a real mixed-use quarter in Munich/Riemerling and an overview of the state of research on energy networking in existing quarters. The workshop will be rounded off by discussions in working groups and a joint exchange.


  • Overview of the results of the national research project MEMAP
  • Experiences from a real mixed-use quarter in Munich/Riemerling
  • Overview of strategies and business models for more sustainability in networked quarters


July 28, 2021
1:45 pm to 4:20 pm









Free of charge

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Target groups

Users, operators, public utilities, housing associations, politicians/local politicians, IT companies, real estate operators


1:45-2:00 pmCheck-in
2:00-2:05 pmWelcome of the participants
Maximilian Irlbeck, Project Manager Technology I Head ZD.B Thematic Platform Digitalization in the Energy Sector, Bayern Innovativ GmbH, Garching
2:05-2:25 pmMEMAP - Designing quarters sustainably
Dr. Jan Mayer, fortiss GmbH
2:25-2:55 pmFunctional demonstration using the example of a real mixed-use quarter
Maximilian Irlbeck, Bayern Innovativ GmbH
IBDM, Sauter, Holsten, TUM, fortiss
2:55-3:10 pmPause
3:10-3:30 pmSustainable - but also economical? An analysis
Claudius Reiser, Product Manager Energy Efficiency Measures, SAUTER Germany, Sauter FM GmbH
3:30-4:00 pmJoint exchange and discussion in working groups
Moderation: IBDM, Sauter, Holsten, TUM, fortiss, Fenecon, Bayern Innovativ
4:00-4:10 pmShort pitches of the discussion results
Maximilian Irlbeck, Bayern Innovativ GmbH
4:10-4:15 pmSummary and outlook
Maximilian Irlbeck, Bayern Innovativ GmbH
4:15-4:20 pmShort survey around smart quarters

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