Kathrin Kahle

Kathrin Kahle

Leitung Marketing & Online

Telephone: +49 89 3603522 412

E-Mail: kahle@fortiss.org

Evdoxia Tsakiridou

Dr. Evdoxia Tsakiridou

Leitung PR & Kommunikation

Telephone: +49 89 3603522 411

E-Mail: tsakiridou@fortiss.org

MbSE Tech-Day 2017

Practice-relevant research results in the domain of Model-based Systems Engineering.


fortiss is the driver of innovation shaping the digital transformation for business and administration in Bavaria and from Bavaria. fortiss thus secures the economic location and the future viability of jobs and makes Bavaria attractive for successful innovators.


We work in a number of research and development projects with technology companies and scientific institutions in Bavaria, Germany, Europe and beyond. The focus fields of application are automotive, production, avionics and public administration.



We combine fundamental and implementation-oriented research, thus offering both new graduates and career changers great scope for shaping their careers in the scientific or industrial environment.