AutoFOCUS 3 - Release Notes

New Features and Changes in AutoFOCUS 2.17


  • Co-simulation has been updated to the newest version of the INTO-CPS COE.
  • The stability has been improved.
  • Co-simulation can now be run asynchronously, without blocking the UI.
  • Co-simulation now provides proper feedback and error messages.
  • Compatibility with Simulink.



  • AF3 2.17 includes a major UI update
  • Most of the editors (especially diagram editors with boxes and arrows) have been updated with a JavaFX-based UI


Feature consolidation

  • This release focused on stabilizing the main features of AF3
  • All features were consolidated in order to provide a better user experience Tooling Infrastructure and Maintenance Platform update to Eclipse 2019-12


Detailed list of changes in 2.17


FAQ - Installation and Running

On MacOS

  • You need to accept unknown developer certificates.
  • You need to move AutoFOCUS3 to your application folder.
  • If you get an error message on startup which says that AutoFOCUS3 is broken and cannot be started: open a terminal and use the following command:
    • sudo xattr -rd /Applications/
    • As our software is a scientific prototype, our product is not signed which causes a problem due to the security restrictions of MacOS

AF3 does not start

  • Check, that the path to your AF3 (including the AF3 folder itself) does not contain spaces.
  • If the product does not start because the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) could not be created: Please update your Java installation to Java 11.0.7

Unpacking of AF3 zip file fails with 'Path too long' on Windows

  • Workaround: Unzip into your drive root, e.g., C:/ and give the folder a short name like 'af3'

Menu icons are not displayed on KDE

  • Go to "System settings - Application Style - GNOME Application Style".
  • Select "Show symbols of GTK buttons".
  • Select "Show symbols in GTK menus".