Development of cyber-physical IT systems


SmartF-IT stands for smart factory IT and is a German funded project from BMBF. The project is the epitome of the German future project Industry 4.0. The goal of the smart factory is to introduce a totally new production logic, where the products are clear to identify, can be located at any time, have and know their history as well as their actual state and alternative ways how to reach the final state.

In this context, the purpose oft the project is the development of Cyber-physical IT systems for controlling the complexity of a new generation multi-adaptive factories

The main aim is the integration and application of adaptive cyber-physical IT systems at all levels of production - from the worker level up to the management level to the plant manager - to achieve the introduction, implementation and operation of integrated production systems. Here, the focus is on the entire production process and includes planning, controlling and the integrated processes, products and the workers.

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Based on the stated objective, the SmartF-IT project will develop an it-based, and integrated model including the entire production process from (resources, processes and workers). Based on the model, production optimization methods shall be established concerning the integration and adaptation of the involved persons in the process.

In the context of SmartF-IT a number of research topics are considered:Modelling of multi-adaptive cyber-physical production systems; Integration of the physical and virtual world; Engineering of context-adaptive subsystems;HMI in a multi-adaptive factory.

The Fortiss contribution to the project focuses on the modelling of autonomous cyber–physical multi-adaptive communication systems. This includes the following activities:

  • Requirements gathering and analysis for suitable model-based techniques for engineering of multi-adaptive systems
  • Development domain specific modelling concepts for multi-adaptive systems
  • Development of analysis methods for efficient configuration of multi-adaptive systems based on several criteria
  • Development of incremental analysis methods for quality assurance of multi-adaptive systems
  • Formal concepts for human-machine interface specifications in the context of multi-adaptive cyber-physical production systems (CPPS)

The above stated activities will be operationalized in the case tool AutoFocus.

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