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fortiss study NGZE
Interoperability of smart city data platforms
Next generation internet
Smart Networks in the context of NGI
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Digital Transformation study
Digital Transformation
acatech study: Living in a networked world
acatech study: Living in a networked world
Cyber-Physical European Roadmap & Strategy
Cyper-Physical Systems: Foundations, Principles and Applications
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fortiss study FITKO
Verwaltung. Digitalisierung. Plattform.
fortiss whitepaper BayernCloud Gesamtreferenzarchitektur
BayernCloud Reference Architecture
EGovernment MONITOR 2019
EGovernment MONITOR 2019
Platforms4CPS – Key Outcomes and Recommendations
achatech study: agenda CPS
achatech study: agendaCPS
fortiss whitepaper CPS Summit - Action Plan
CPS Summit - Action Plan
eGovernment MONITOR 2018
eGovernment MONITOR 2018
Digitale Transformation study
Digital Transformation summary
Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik (IKT) als Motor der Elektromobilität der Zukunft
IKT als Motor der Elektromobilität der Zukunft
CyPhERS Cyber-Physical European Roadmap & Strategy
CyPhERS Cyber-Physical European Roadmap and Strategy
CPS Summit – Deliverable
CPS Summit – Deliverable