Automotive System Software and Architecture

Automotive System Software and Architecture

Distributed real-time operating systems and their architectures and algorithms

Automotive System Software and Architecture

Automotive software systems are not restricted to individual machines, but instead stretch across different network-connected resources in order to fulfill the tasks they were designed for. With this in mind, our Automotive System Software and Architecture (ASSA) project group is involved with real-time operating systems and distributed systems and the underlying architectures and algorithms.

These systems must operate safely and reliably, particularly when it comes to resilience or redundancy. This applies especially to cloud-based applications where remote high-performance computers assume responsibility for the calculations. Creating a uniform system from such distributed real-time systems calls for new software concepts, and these must take into account future trends and innovative developments while exhibiting a high degree of flexibility, adaptability and expandability.

In this context, our activities focus on the following issues:

  • What requirements will future architectures have in connected and distributed environments?
  • How can these requirements be implemented from a software standpoint?
  • What requirements exist when it comes to developing innovative, safety-critical real-time architectures?
  • How can algorithms be optimized in critical environments with respect to energy consumption?


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