Performance Engineering

Performance Engineering

Development of tools to support the performance management of information systems

Performance Engineering

We are increasingly dependent on information systems in every facet of our daily lives. That means of the attributes of these information systems must satisfy a growing number of requirements. One of the important non-functional attributes is often described as “performance.”

In effect, this refers to response time, resource utilization and throughput, which often determine the acceptance of information systems. When lots of shoppers go online on Black Friday for example, and the provider’s server stops responding because of the high number of inquiries, the provider will lose potential customers because of the poor performance of the system.

This project group thus examines what happens when:

  • … a specific number of users/devices accesses a system
  • … multiple systems are integrated
  • … an unexpected event occurs
  • … individual components fail

To answer these questions, and to completely safeguard the performance, our research activities focus on the entire system life cycle, which affects development, operation and optimization. Here we rely on measurement-based processes such as continuous load tests, and also model-based approaches. Among other things, this allows us to simulate the performance of distributed software architectures in Internet of Things (IoT) environments as early as the development phase.

Performance Management Work Tools (PMWT)

Tool for integrating and automating activities, from data collection, to analysis and decision-making

Our mission:

  • Continuously assuring and maintaining software system quality through fast release cycles
  • Promoting communications and collaboration through transparent performance metrics
  • Early-phase performance analyses and prognoses to support agile software development models
  • Ensuring and reducing response times for an improved user experience and customer satisfaction
  • Optimized capacity planning and resource utilization for cost-efficient systems
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  • AWRNESS - Performance awareness for Java developers
  • SIAAS - Simulation as a service
  • WESSBAS - Workload extraction and specification for session-based systems
  • PerTract - Performance model extraction for big data systems
  • DUO - Deployment Unit Optimizer
  • PET - Performance Evalluation Tool
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