Research at fortiss


fortiss is the driver of innovation shaping the digital transformation for business and administration in Bavaria and from Bavaria. Fortiss thus secures the economic location and the future viability of jobs and makes Bavaria attractive for successful innovators. We enable companies and administrations to meet the challenges of digital transformation in an integrative manner and master them successfully and in a value-added way.

For this, fortiss offers a wide range of competences and thinks and acts in a holistic way: "from sensor to business model". A variety of technologies and fields of competence are to be mastered in such a way that they can be successfully used both individually and integratively. We base all areas on a basic competence "software-intensive systems and services".


  • fortiss plays a pioneering role in the research, development and implementation of digital technologies
  • fortiss deploys the support of the Free State of Bavaria to strengthen the location for business, train employees, develop initiatives in the fields of competence and realise spin-offs
  • fortiss has multiple direct links to the local economy and public administration
  • fortiss cooperates with many leading international scientists
  • fortiss has internal structures that provide talented researchers and implementers with the best development opportunities in a competence-oriented way
  • fortiss regards it its duty to use this unique potential in a comprehensive and sustainable manner - serving the campaign for the future Bayern digital.

Service Portfolio

fortiss offers the following research and technology transfer services in the field of software-intensive systems and Services:

  • Implementation-oriented basic research for the development of innovative methods and software solutions
  • Individual design, development and realization of innovative software solutions
  • Initiation and orchestration of research networks with partners from science and practice (especially small and medium-sized enterprises)
  • Studies, expert opinions, empirical user studies and feasibility studies on the operational use of current and future software technologies
  • Research and development agendas on research areas close to the market
  • Implementation, service and maintenance of the software solutions developed by us
  • Scientific advice on the selection, implementation and operation of complex software and service solutions
  • Design, construction and operation of branch-specific prototyping and experience labs
  • Scientific monitoring of data collections and their evaluation
  • Science-based workshops and professional training
  • Scientific evaluation and benchmarking of existing or newly developed solutions
  • Support for the transfer of research prototypes into pre-products for economic use, especially in connection with company foundations.

TecDay 13. / 14. October 2015

Multicore - The challenge in avionics