Artemis Cross-Domain Architecture

Artemis Cross-Domain Architecture

Development of a cross-domain reference architecture for embedded systems

Artemis Cross-Domain Architecture

ACROSS aims at developing a multi-processor system-on-chip (MPSoC) with corresponding system software and development tools which is suitable for embedded applications from different application domains.

Project description

Embedded systems are computers integrated into a larger technical system where they perform dedicated tasks. Often, they realize safety-critical functions, e.g. as control units in various application domains (e.g., industrial control, automotive, aerospace …).

Despite similar requirements, the exchange and reuse of technology between different application domains proves to be difficult. This is caused by different lot sizes (and therefore cost structures), product life cycles as well as domain-specific requirements (e.g., safety regulations). The ACROSS project aims at providing a solution that enables the reuse of hardware and software among different domains. Here, a component-based approach ensures short time-to-market at low cost.

The ACROSS project aims to provide a solution that enables the reuse of hardware and software across domain boundaries. A component-based approach ensures short time-to-market and low costs.

Project contribution

The core services of the ACROSS-MPSoC will be a universal platform for safety-critical applications (within ACROSS: automotive, aerospace and industrial control). A robust partitioning architecture ensures the temporal and spatial separation of different applications. This enables the efficient integration of applications with different safety requirements as well as the cross-domain reuse of components.

The library of generic optional services realized in the ACROSS project is designed for cross-domain reuse (e.g., fault-tolerance, diagnosis, security). It is supported by domain-specific services (e.g., AUTOSAR for the automotive domain, IMA services for aerospace).

In the ACROSS project, the focus of fortiss is on the development of an appropriate tool-supported design methodology which comprises the following workflows:

  • Tool-supported service configuration is based on platform models and supports automatic configuration generation for the ACROSS platform
  • A model-driven development environment complements this with generic and domain-specific application models as well as automatic code generators
  • Simulation and verification methods and tools allow the validation of ACROSS-based designs


German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking under grant agreement No ARTEMIS-2009-1-100208

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