BaSys 4.0

BaSys 4.0

An open platform for the fourth industrial revolution

BaSys 4.0

Development of an open basic system for production plants of the 4th generation, aiming to realize efficient conversion of production plants and processes.

Project description

The economy stands at the threshold to the fourth industrial revolution. In order to cope with the economic challenges in Germany, the digitalization within the production domain aims at the ability of companies to successfully tackle instability of markets, new global competitors, increasing product variety as well as personalized products down to a lot size of 1.

Manufacturing plants that can cope with these challenges and are able to produce such small lot sizes efficiently and cost effectively can only be realized with seriously increased changeability. The required significant reduction of cost for changes requires novel system architectures that focus on the flexibility of production plants. The production of small lot sizes may not always be efficiently controlled in a centralized way. Therefore, decentralized control approaches are required that can quickly be adapted to new products and new product properties. Suitable production resources need to be discovered, evaluated and chosen quickly. This requires an unprecedented level of seamless crosslinking not found in state of the art production plants. While current plants are interconnected within an assembly line or a production site, future plants need to be connected across sites and companies to be able to implement approaches like changeable just-in-time production. Likewise there must not be gaps in networking technology, in production control code, or in exchange of information.

In the BaSys4.0 project we and our partners develop an open platform for production plants of the fourth generation. In the project, existing technologies are coupled and integrated to enable the implementation of Industry 4.0 applications. To this end, the project develops a virtual middleware that allows to provide and to couple the required services. This AUTOSAR for Industry 4.0 takes existing technologies to come up with required standards, exchange formats, basic services and interfaces that support efficient interconnection and conversion of production plants. The planned base system will be realized as a complete prototype which can be flexibly extended by the supplying industry.

The fortiss GmbH acts in the project BaSys4.0 not only as a supplier of ideas and concepts. We actively provide in-house technology such as the engineering tool 4diac ( and the runtime environment FORTE from the Eclipse 4diac open source project in order to integrate and enhance those into the BaSys4.0 system.

Project contribution

An open-source software platform that provides fundamental mechanisms enabling the realization of convertible Industry 4.0 production plants.

Project duration

01.07.2016 - 30.06.2019


 Andreas Bayha

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Andreas Bayha

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