Big Data Guideline

Big Data Guideline

Development of a guideline for introducing and using big data in SMEs of the manufacturing industry

Big Data Guideline

The aim of the research project Big Data Leitfaden is the development of a methodology for the introduction and application of Big Data in small and medium-sized enterprises of the manufacturing industry.

Project description

As part of the research project "Big Data Leitfaden", we are working on the development of a methodological guidance for introducing and using Big Data in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing industry. The concrete objective is to design and test a methodology guideline in order to make it easier for similar companies in the manufacturing industry to enter into own big data projects and to lower the hurdles for this. The procedure for developing the guideline is divided into several parts.

First, a basic methodology is developed on the basis of research and literature taking into account various requirements (e.g. regarding big data, the manufacturing industry or the size of the company to be addressed). With the help of this basic methodology, concrete big data projects will be carried out in cooperation with partner companies of the manufacturing industry. On the one hand, this involves testing the approach of the methodology and documenting corresponding findings in order to be able to make adjustments.

Furthermore, we will support the companies within their big data projects if required and record the hurdles as well as the corresponding resolutions for the methodological guidance. In a final step, all results of the case studies are aggregated for the development of a final guideline and described in a research report. In addition to the findings from the case studies, a special focus is placed on transferability and feasibility for the general case in similar companies of the manufacturing industry.

Project duration

01.05.2018 - 30.09.2019

 Julius Baecker

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