Robust AI

Robust AI

Safe and reliable artificial intelligence for cognitive, autonomous systems

Robust AI

Embedded control systems offer enormous potential for use with AI technologies. Self-driving vehicles, medical decision-making assistance and technical infrastructure monitoring are just a few examples. Current AI technologies, especially learning systems, are notoriously undependable and unsafe. As a result, they’re typically not deployed in critical, operative enterprise systems.

Project description

What we need are dependable AI systems that can make timely and reliable decisions in uncertain and unpredictable environments, be impervious to targeted hacker attacks and process increasingly larger volumes of enterprise and organizational data without impacting data confidentially and privacy. Key provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulations can be reliably and transparently fulfilled with AI algorithms when processing personal data.

Project contribution

The central research issue at the interface of AI and software development for the successful utilization of AI technologies in embedded and critical enterprise systems is: how can AI-enhanced, particularly continuously self-learning software systems, be reliably and safely developed? The research issues that are still open in the field of dependable AI engineering encompass all phases of conventional engineering, including specification, architecture design, implementation, testing and verification, as well as the data-controlled adaptation and optimization of AI systems and the dynamic certification of critical enterprise learning systems during operation. The fortiss research activities focus primarily on the following aspects:

  • Validated methods model for the manageable development and operation of trustworthy cognitive cyber-physical systems
  • End-to-end reliable and safe cognitive architecture for critical autonomous systems
  • New approaches for the design, verification and certification of continuously learning and robust AI-supported software systems
  • Management of transparent human-AI interaction through intelligent user interfaces


Bavarian government under the framework of funding for the AI Center

Project duration

01.01.2019 - 31.12.2022

Dr. Holger Pfeifer

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Dr. Holger Pfeifer

+49 89 3603522 29