On the path to interoperability for smart city data platforms


The goal of the SmartData project is to create a concept for approaches to interoperability for smart city data platforms with an eye toward their prospects for success. Through the coupled utilization of diverse, heterogeneous data sources, the idea is to solve the growing infrastructure, ecological and economic challenges that cities face and make it possible to improve the quality of life.

Project description

The SmartData project involves analyzing the current points of focus in the development of interoperable smart city data platforms and the associated approaches. The goal is to enable the networking of data sources and as result create an opportunity to design value-adding smart cities. For this purpose, researchers will carry out an extensive and structured analysis of the relevant literature and identify the key issues. They will also conduct interviews with experts in various positions from different cities, identifying the important factors and challenges in the practical implementation of smart city projects with respect to the data platforms and interoperability. The most important interoperability approaches, plus their manifestations from the literature and the interviews, will then be conceptualized in a taxonomy in order to represent the current knowledge in as compact a form as possible, while illustrating the need for additional research.

Project contribution

The literature analysis carried out during the SmartData project provides an overview of the key research issues related to the interoperability of smart city data platforms. The resulting taxonomy conceptualizes the literature- and practice-based dimensions, plus their manifestations, with respect to the interoperability of smart city data platforms. The results can help identify future research directions and provide decision makers guidelines for the successful realization of data platforms. As a result, the project contributes to the further development and implementation of smart city concepts and thus to the goal of improving the quality of life in cities.

Project duration

01.06.2020 – 31.12.2020

Project partner

Stadt München