Our Sectors

Software-intensive embedded computing systems, as well as software-driven services and processes, play an increasingly important role in driving innovation and market success. The dynamic innovation pace and growing complexity of software-based systems require targeted research efforts and a closely cooperative knowledge transfer between academia and industrial technology leaders.

Given the large concentration of high-tech companies in the region surrounding Munich, the existence of a local player tackling this crucial task becomes of vital importance.

Our central objective is application- and market-oriented research in the field of Cyber-Physical Systems & Services, primarily for the automotive industry, industrial automation, smart sustainable energy grids and future public administration and governance. Apart from these main fields we also conduct research and development projects in numerous other fields such as the aerospace industry, insurance, medical devices and health industry and many more. Please contact us with your questions; we are always looking for new challenges!

TecDay 13. / 14. October 2015

Multicore - The challenge in avionics

Automotive Industry

fortiss entwickelt integriert-modulare IKT Architekturen und neuartige Funktionalitäten für das software-basierte Automobil von morgen.

Industrial Automation

fortiss entwickelt Software-Steuerungen und kombinierte Mensch-Roboter-Arbeitsplätzen zur effizienten Realisierung wandelbarer Produktionsprozesse.


fortiss develops integrated-modular methods, processes, and tools for a seamless and compositional development, maintenance, and (re-)certification process.

Public Administration

fortiss entwickelt Methoden und Werkzeuge zur Gestaltung und zum Management IKT-gestützter integrierter Bürgerservices.