Within the framework of the research transfer, fortiss particularly addresses Bavarian small and medium-sized companies with the following activities and programs:

  • On behalf of the Association of the Bavarian Economy (Bayme / VBM), fortiss carries out so-called "digitization" quick checks to measure the skills of small and medium-sized enterprises in the context of digitization
  • fortiss coordinates the sustainable development of a Bavarian Cloud with new applications for the tourism industry; adjustments to other sectors are in preparation
  • Publication of latest technology developments for digital transformation, for example within the framework of fortiss tech days (with the support of the ZD.B), Meet-Ups or research breakfast (with the IHK Oberbayern);
  • fortiss integrates Bavarian SMEs into research and transfer networks (KMU Innovativ/BMBF, Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand/BMWi) and the European Commission (Smart Anything Everywhere, EIT Digital), and serves as a technology supplier for innovative products and services;
  • In the framework of the ESSEI Labs, fortiss cooperates with the ESSEI industry association (Embedded Software Systems Engineering Institute), which is supported by German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI), and with suppliers of the German aviation industry and the Technical University Ingolstadt to develop competencies in the development of safety-critical software systems that are essential for the local aerospace industry as well as for the automotive industry.
  • fortiss coordinates a European network of CPS Design Centers to help small and medium-sized enterprises use the latest technologies and software tools to develop new products and services
  • Testing and rolling out modern programming methods, tools and processes in industrial practice within the framework of the Center of Code Excellence
  • Using "digital bonuses", fortiss supports medium-sized companies in Bavaria  - as appropriate by conducting digitalization quick checks - in the development of new products, services and business models as needed, in particular within the CPS Engineering Labs and the Center for Code Excellence
  • The Business Development Accelerator of the EIT Digital Co-Location Center at fortiss supports Bavarian SMEs in their growth and expansion into other European markets and beyond.

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Harald Rueß