Modellbasierte Entwicklung eingebetteter Systeme

New Features in 2.16


Assurance Cases

  • Quantitative confidence assessment: We implemented the approach proposed by Duan et al. (L. Duan, S. Rayadurgam, M. Heimdahl, O. Sokolsky, and I. Lee, "Representation of confidence in assurance cases using the beta distribution" in Proceedings of 17th Conference on High Assurance Systems Engineering Symposium - HASE. IEEE Computer Society, 2016, pp. 170-171. DOI: 10.1109/HASE.2016.52), which computes the belief, disbelief and uncertainty of a GSN-argument based on the safety defeaters. A safety defeater is anything that can reduce the confidence on the argument, such as, a software bug.
  • Generation of assurance case reports: We implemented a new feature within our tool that allows the user to export an assurance case or an argumentation module diagram into svg, pdf and png, and jpeg files.


Design Space Exploration (DSE)

  • Consolidated editor for constraint pattern definition.
  • Implementation of a procedure to minimize the estimated energy consumption in the (deployment +) schedule synthesis. The approach optimizes the selection of the cores' clock setting from the set of supported frequencies.


Tooling Infrastructure and Maintenance

  • Platform update to Eclipse 2019-06
  • Update online help and Eclipse Welcome page.
  • Repair example models
  • Further stability fixes and improvements

Plus a large number of improvements on stability and useablity!


Detailed changes

3854[safety-docu] Split documentation for safety cases on multiple pages   
3847Co-Simulation does not work in binary product   
3845Fix welcome page   
3841NPE in joint synthesis   
3840Create a new Constraint/Objective Set button not visible   
3839Requirements documentation check   
3835Move user documentation to dedicated plugin   
3833MCDC documentation   
3830Transitive calculation of allocation targets starts from the wrong allocation table   
3829User documentation for new features of deployment/schedule synthesis   
3828Online help does not work   
3827Binaries are not ignored in the af3-tests repository   
3826ArithmeticException thrown when scaling a core's frequency   
3825NPE when exporting PlatformArchitectures from the DSE   
3824Bugs when trying to save when closing AF3 from DSE perspective   
3823AnnotationTable causes Exception if AF3 is executed on Unixoids   
3822Fix NPE in the Annotation Table of the Task Architecture   
3821MessageSize value provider refers to the derived size value and not to the max size value   
3820Remove InternalComponent   
3818Avoid NPE in ModelEditorBindingService   
3817Frequency information is not transferred correctly when a system schedule is exported   
3816Adding a platform architecture results into an NPE   
3813Context menu contributors: Fix class cast exception   
3812Improve naming of coupling/decoupling constraints   
3811Models present in the runtime workspace during AF3 startup cannot be saved any more   
3810Create a model snapshot for the TaskWcet and MemoryTable   
3808Enable importing Requirements (Safety) to the DSE   
3807Mismerge in 3608 causes undesired API revert   
3806Cleanup the migration service   
3804Schedule generation works only if launched twice / SMT solution transformation returns invalid set types   
3801The period marker in Gantt chart views is not displayed correctly even if period values are present   
3800No context menus can be opened anywhere in the model navigator   
3796Selecting / Exporting multiple solutions is no longer possible   
3792Selection of rule sets is not consistent with the checkbox when switching view   
3788[Project Import] DashboardWizard imports every selected element   
3780Scheduling synthesis fails if preceded by a another successful synthesis   
3779Missing per-quantifier unfolding for scheduling-related constraints   
3773Create JUnit test suite covering the generation, translation and exploration of design spaces   
3771Translation from DSEML to SMT crashes as it encounters the same expression twice   
3770Allocation tables not classified as relevant in DSE import   
3768Extraction of routes between ECUs does not take into account alternatives   
3766Constraints contained within an SMTObjective are overwritten during the translation to SMT   
3764Allocation functions not registered within the transformation service upon creation with a non-quantified constraint   
3763Annotations of a task are not considered in the translation to SMT   
3762Contained targets are overwritten during the translation to SMT   
3760Annotations are not translated to SMT expressions   
3758Update developer platform to 2019-06   
3756[DSML Transformator] Clear the Expression holder for repetetive transform() calls   
3755Z3: Update to version 4.8.5   
3752Creation of Safety Patterns fails, causes an NPE   
3751[safety] Exporter documentation   
3750Simplify the annotation retrieval   
3749Import MemoryUnits into the DSE project   
3746Enable the specification of data type sizes and temporal interferences on the platform level   
3743Render the route calculation in the schedule skeleton genertaion optional   
3742Model corruption when back-exporting DSE solution models   
3741Improve DSML to SMT transformation performance for repeated calls   
3740Use the non-Optimizing Z3 solver if no objectives are defined   
3739Erroneous causality constraints   
3738SMT solver may create a NPE if timeout is reached and no solution was found   
3735Partition Architecture: Introduce memory areas   
3730Make Progress Monitors optional for the Z3 backend   
3728[safety] Bugs ExplicitCase   
3727Base the EcoreUtil methods on Predicates   
3726Platform Update to version 2019-03   
3710Migrate EcorUtils and KernelModelElementUtils to a functional programming style   
3699[safety] Color details of the exporter   
3698[Z3] Rebase Quantifier unfolding based on a per-quantifier basis   
3696Mapping of memory requirements to platform   
3692Integrate Z3 test in the default set of AF3 JUnit tests   
3688[DevDoc - exploration] Describe the project model   
3687[Dev-doc exploration] Describe root model elements and the dimension + solution package   
3686Create developer documentation for the source code of the exploration plugin   
3685Create developer documentation for the exploration plugin   
3684Create developer documentation for the exploration.smt plugin   
3682Create documentation for the SMT ecore   
3681Create ecore documentation for the dseml model   
3680Document the exploration plugins   
3677Move expression generation to util class   
3676Remove deprecated metamodels and migrators   
3672Clean up AF3 toolbar layout   
3651Several exception in constraints / transformation   
3644[Outputs not overwritten constraint] check that the transition return by the check is enabled   
3640Erroneous folder selection for nested paths   
3636[safety] Reference values of input/output ports in assumption/context   
3612MCDC - toZ3 cannot handle unary operators   
3608Support minimization of energy consumption (based on frequency setting) in deployment and scheduling synthesis   
3596MCDC: GUI Implementation   
3583Make the distillery operational again...   
3577Connection of AF3 to PTC Integrity Modeler   
3573In the Component Structure of Mode, Forward button of ports not enabled if it is selected and connected to a successor port   
3572Propagation of Ports From Component structure after creation of Mode Switch Component Structure   
3564Add APACHE 2.0 license to repos.   
3544[Openhouse] Merge Security Simulator   
3538Transition to Eclipse Photon   
3534[documentation] Add developer documentation for af3.platform.hierarchic   
3533[documentation] Add developer documentation for af3.platform   
3523Check why copyComponentIntoNewProject may be called with a non-project contained Component   
3521Superclass for Safety Solutions   
3466NPE when addign Assest and Parameter Definition Aspect   
3463[JavaFX] Add a constructor in the base class for single controller views.   
3460Quantitative Valuation for Safety   
3415Test Suite editor closes unintentionally   
3380NPE for security aspects   
3358Support the definition of basic objectives in SMT scheduling   
3285Reintegrate the MOEA-DSE-Transformation framework   
3279Exploration.alg cleanup   
3271Reintegrate Task allocation constraint towards HW targets (MOEA)   
3264Reintegrate the instantiation of interface Components in the MOEA-DSE   
3254Base the MOEA-DSE's input layer on SuperSets   
3246missing null pointer check missing in class CurrentObjectiveContributionItem   
3235[Wiki] Start page of AF3 Developers wiki contains many broken links   
3224constraint for non-NoVal ports   
3221[Documentation] Signal Report Generation   
3197traces up to date constraint   
3048Adding element in the "Model Navigator" that does not have a dedicated editor triggers "Project Configuration" editor   
2807[FMI] Force user to define initial values for top-level outputs   
2777[State automata] not possible to copy paste a state while it is selected   
2775[safety] Improve instructions to the user(text)   
2548Cannot read .jpeg extension   
1882Pack existing component structure in new component   
1821C Code for data state variables is not generated correctly   
1622Delivered parent ports of a new Component Architecture in Mode Switch Specification bug   
1514Elements not found in second data dictionary