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Prof. Dr. Uwe Baumgarten

Research fellow

fortiss short profiles research fellow Prof. Uwe Baumgarten
Technical University of Munich

After studying computer science and obtaining a doctorate from the University of Bonn, Prof. Baumgarten was appointed professor at the University of Oldenburg. He has been teaching computer science at the Technical University Munich (TUM) since 1995.

His research activities focus on the field of mobile distributed systems. The operating systems, with a focus on embedded, mobile and web-based operating systems, form the key pillars, with wireless communication between all types of computer systems, plus the quality of the corresponding services also playing important roles.

Prof. Baumgarten was appointed data privacy representative at TUM in the summer semester of 2010. He has also served on the Supervisory Board of Miray Software AG for several years.

Prof. Baumgarten has been a research fellow at fortiss since October 2016. He is primarily responsible for the competence area Automotive System Software and Architecture and supports the areas Architectures and Services for Critical Infrastructures and Model-based Systems Engineering in individual topics.