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From fundamental research to marketable prototypes

For a high-tech state such as Bavaria, the capability to innovate and compete increasingly depends on whether software and artificial intelligence technologies can be reliably and safely developed and operated.

With this in mind, fortiss is closely working hand-in-hand with its partners to develop a leading research program designed for the specific challenges and requirements of the high-tech industry in Bavaria. The focus of this program is the manageable development of software-intensive systems that are becoming more and more pervasive in our economy and society.  The institute places a special focus on the manageable development of AI-based and increasingly autonomous, decentralized software systems.

The global race to gain access to the best research and development results and to become the market leader in software, AI and IoT technologies is in full swing.

Dr. Harald Rueß, Scientific managing director fortiss

fortiss research cluster

    Within the three points of research focus - software & systems engineering, robust AI and intelligent infrastructures – the fortiss scientists address three central issues:

    1. How can we develop software-intensive cyber physical systems (CPS/IoT) in a manageable fashion?
    2. How can we develop software platforms for trustworthy decentralized services as an enabler of a new generation of products?
    3. How can we develop increasingly autonomous and mission-critical CPS/IoT with learning-based AI components in a controllable manner?

    The AI Engineering @ fortiss Annual Report 2020 provides a summarizing and descriptive overview of the current status of AI research at the research institute of the Free State of Bavaria for software-intensive systems.

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    AI Engineering @ fortiss Annual Report 2020

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