Research at fortiss

Research at fortiss

From fundamental research to marketable prototypes

Applied research for the challenges of the future

fortiss offers a variety of competencies and takes a holistic approach to implementation. Our mission is to master a wide variety of technologies and competencies in such a way that they can be successfully applied on both an individual and integrative basis.

From sensor to business model

We are surrounded by things that contain software. As software plays a key role for businesses and their products and services today, excellence in software, systems and service engineering has become an important competitive advantage in order to meet growing market demands. In this respect, fortiss covers all three areas and develops solutions at the highest level for businesses and the public administration.

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Software engineering

We carry out research on abstraction, modularisation and methodology for the high-quality development of comprehensive software systems and the associated data structures based on substantiated methods and processes.

Systems engineering

By following an interdisciplinary approach, we conduct research on the end-to-end and comprehensive development of multifunctional systems in order to master and meet the growing demands for new, complex systems and increasing product complexity due to more and more functionalities and interfaces.

Service engineering

Through the systematic development and configuration of software using suitable models, methods and tools, fortiss can offer its partners customised solutions and advise them on the efficient and effective structure of offers and business processes.

Research aims

  • fortiss plays a pioneering role in the research, development and implementation of digital technologies.
  • fortiss uses the support of the Free State of Bavaria to strengthen the location, train employees, organise initiatives in the various areas of competence and set up spin-offs.
  • fortiss has multiple direct links to the local economy and public administration.
  • fortiss works with internationally leading scientists at many different levels.
  • fortiss has internal structures that provide competent and talented researchers and implementers with the best opportunities for development.
  • fortiss sees it as its duty to extensively and sustainably apply this unique potential

Research categories

fortiss research
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