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From fundamental research to marketable prototypes

fortiss has established itself in the world's top research on central topics of Software & Systems Engineering, AI Engineering and IoT Engineering and is considered a recognized partner for demanding questions in software development and Artificial Intelligence.

The institute develops and operates high-performance software with reliable functionality, performance, resilience, persistence, security and maintainability. The special focus is on the integration of model-driven software development with data-driven programming of AI, for the controllable development of a new generation of increasingly autonomous and also decentralized software systems.

Within the three main research areas Software & Systems Engineering, AI Engineering and IoT Engineering, fortiss scientists answer three central questions.

► Software & Systems Engineering
How can software-intensive cyber-physical systems (CPS)/IoT be developed in a controllable manner?

► AI Engineering
How can increasingly autonomous and mission-critical CPS/IoT be controllably developed with learning-based AI components?

► IoT Engineering
How can software platforms for trustworthy, decentralized services be developed as enablers of a new generation of products?

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    The global race to gain access to the best research and development results and to become the market leader in software, AI and IoT technologies is in full swing.

    Dr. Harald Rueß, Scientific managing director fortiss

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