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The demand-oriented knowledge transfer of relevant research and development results as well as their practical application is one of the central challenges in order to set sustainable innovation impulses for demanding digital future topics in the economy.

fortiss offers a comprehensive, integrated transfer program consisting of information events and qualification measures on software-based innovation. It enables accompanying support in the development of sophisticated software-based products and services.

These offerings are primarily aimed at companies in Bavaria's SME sector.

fortiss Transfer


fortiss Quick Checks

With the fast and free Quick Checks, fortiss offers small and medium-sized companies application-related online tools for the analysis of internal software development processes, which

  • survey their own status quo in relation to specific topics,
  • compare the results with other companies in the same or other industries and
  • identify potential for methods and competencies and measures to improve development activities.

The fortiss Quick Checks are a good basis for optional workshops to discuss individual results, to develop potentials for a company, and to use the software successfully and future-oriented.

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Development of digital products and software systems
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[Translate to English:] Energy Quick Check

Optimization of energy consumption
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[Translate to English:] AI Engineering Quick Check

Development of AI-/Machine Learning-based products
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Optimization of requirements management
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fortiss AI-Tutorial Predictive Maintenance

Failure prediction is an important topic of predictive maintenance in many industries. fortiss wants to make the topic of AI tangible for companies in this area and has developed the AI-Tutorial Predictive Maintenance (in German) as part of the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrums Augsburg. It demonstrates the applications of learning algorithms for predictive maintenance and prevention of a technical failure using the example of an engine.
The tutorial offers companies the opportunity to educate themselves independently and learn about different AI areas. Due to the online format and thanks to a detailed explanation, the tutorial can be worked on at one's own pace.


  • Overview of the AI landscape
  • Application areas for AI
  • Ideas for using AI in the enterprise

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Brochure Chancen für den Mittelstand
Chancen für den Mittelstand
fortiss whitepaper Center for Code Excellence
Code Excellence
Whitepaper Open Calls
Open Calls - Funding for SMEs made easy
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fortiss Whitepaper QuickCheck Digitalisierung
QuickCheck Digitization