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fortiss Labs

The fortiss Labs act as an important link between science and practice. They provide a broad and interested audience with an application-oriented, interactive platform to exchange ideas on the diverse topics of digital transformation and to engage with novel software systems and innovations. Within this framework, fortiss provides a transfer offer for products and services as well as for the further development of business models.

In addition, the fortiss Labs are a valuable research driver, as they access the concentrated expertise in the fortiss competence fields and an outstanding industry-specific hardware infrastructure. They offer the very best conditions for applying current research results, identifying necessary improvements through testing, and initiating new research directions.

The premises are located on the 15th floor of the Highlight Towers Munich and feature a test site in the application domains Industrial IoT (IloT), Mobility, Robotics, Energy and Neuromorphic Computing. Here, fortiss scientists identify and analyze central, industry-relevant issues. They develop and combine state-of-the-art research methods from the various disciplines, test technologies under realistic conditions and prepare the results as prototypes for practical application.

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fortiss Labs – From prototype to application (in German)

In order to successfully implement research projects, fortiss researchers not only need a deep understanding of technology, but also a profound knowledge of market requirements. The fortiss Labs offer an experimental and testing ground for future topics, such as the IIoT, intuitive programming of robots, intelligent control of energy systems, autonomous driving, or neuromorphic computing as a new generation of AI.


The fortiss Labs offer tailored support and specific opportunities for companies, scientists and students.

Especially for medium-sized companies, which often do not have research and development departments and thus do not have extensive validation and testing tools, fortiss creates a modern experimentation and training environment with a state-of-the-art lab infrastructure. In this context, relevant issues can be jointly researched and viable solutions for business challenges can be developed.

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Informal and interdisciplinary information sharing and discussions related to the latest state of technology, including the use of concrete application scenarios.

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Various formats are available for use as a meeting point for sharing information and discussing diverse subjects.

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Workshops, training programs, lectures, case studies and hands-on training provide a broad spectrum of practical knowledge regarding application development.

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The targeted use of demonstrators allows specific issues to be addressed and implemented in an application-oriented manner. The active participation of external partners and other interested parties is possible at any time.

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Domain-specific expertise and years of experience help to identify market opportunities and develop ideas, as well as to design business models and implement technologies in a targeted fashion.

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Application-oriented research activities, as well as the development of company-specific solutions, are made possible through a wide range of cooperation services and funding programs.

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A comprehensive, first-class ecosystem made up of professionals from science, business, industry and interface organizations is available for sharing experiences and developing networks.


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fortiss actively supports and coordinates the development of prototypes, from start to finish. The prototypes can be adapted and tested in the labs to ensure that they can withstand an application scenario evaluation.

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