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fortiss Labs

In order to successfully implement research projects, the scientists at fortiss require not only an in-depth technical understanding, but solid knowledge of the market. This is where the fortiss labs serve as an important link between science and practice by offering a broad and interested public an application-oriented, interactive platform for discussing a wide range of digital transformation topics and looking into novel software systems and leading-edge innovations.

Against this backdrop, the fortiss scientists identify and analyze central, industry relevant issues on a daily basis by developing and combining the most recent research methods from various disciplines, testing technologies under realistic conditions and preparing the results for use in practical applications on a prototype basis. The fortiss Labs serve as a valuable researcher driver for this approach, because they have access to the bundled expertise of the fortiss fields of competence and an excellent, industry-specific hardware infrastructure. This infrastructure, located in the 15th floor of the Munich Highlight Towers, offers the ideal conditions for applying the latest research results, uncovering necessary improvements through testing and spurring new research directions.

Beyond the scientific aspects, the Research Institute of the Free State of Bavaria for Software-intensive Systems enables transfer services for digital innovations across industries. This applies to products and services, as well as the successful enhancement of business models. The fortiss Labs furthermore offer a test landscape for novel solutions within various application domains such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), intuitive robot programming, intelligent energy system management, autonomous driving and neuromorphic computing as a new generation of artificial intelligence (AI). Apart from the business requirements, the activities also focus on the expectations and wishes of the user, as well as the potential impact on society.

Beyond this spectrum of services, the fortiss Labs create the space for integrated teaching and research activities, as well as an application-oriented and creative learning environment for university students.


The fortiss Labs offer tailored support and specific opportunities for scientists, companies and university students. Particularly for small-to-medium enterprises that often lack an R&D department, and as result have no access to extensive validation and testing opportunities, with a highly-advanced lab infrastructure fortiss is creating an experimental and training environment for jointly researching relevant issues and developing sustainable solutions to address the challenges facing today’s companies.

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Informal and interdisciplinary information sharing and discussions related to the latest state of technology, including the use of concrete application scenarios.

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The targeted use of demonstrators allows specific issues to be addressed and implemented in an application-oriented manner. The active participation of external partners and other interested parties is possible at any time.

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A comprehensive, first-class ecosystem made up of professionals from science, business, industry and interface organizations is available for sharing experiences and developing networks.


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Various formats are available for use as a meeting point for sharing information and discussing diverse subjects.

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Domain-specific expertise and years of experience help to identify market opportunities and develop ideas, as well as to design business models and implement technologies in a targeted fashion.

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Workshops, training programs, lectures, case studies and hands-on training provide a broad spectrum of practical knowledge regarding application development.

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Application-oriented research activities, as well as the development of company-specific solutions, are made possible through a wide range of cooperation services and funding programs.

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fortiss actively supports and coordinates the development of prototypes, from start to finish. The prototypes can be adapted and tested in the labs to ensure that they can withstand an application scenario evaluation.

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Are you interested in visiting the fortiss Labs?

The facilities are located in the 15th floor of the Highlight Towers in the north Schwabing district of Munich and are easy to reach via public transportation. Apart from the exhibit areas featuring innovative demonstrators and current application scenarios, the fortiss Labs offer modern meeting and presentation spaces for interaction with a wide audience.