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IIoT Lab

Simulation and demonstration for the next generation of IIoT

IIoT Lab

Industrial IoT solutions support efficient industrial processes via the intelligent integration of industrial devices into IoT platforms across Edge-Cloud. Current industrial environments are changing rapidly, integrating an increasing number of sensors, actuators, and other sets of cyber-physical systems that require a flexible articulation of operations (data processing, data management) via Edge and Cloud. New services, such as Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, or automated robots (e.g., automated guided vehicles) are becoming an integrated part of industrial environments across various vertical domains, e.g. manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, or smart cities.

fortiss IIoT Lab
The forward-looking software concepts of fortiss stand for the IIoT applications of the next generation.

Based on realistic performance indicators derived from real-world situations across various verticals, the IIoT Lab includes a series of Edge-Cloud replicable mobile demonstrators based on fortiss software (TRL2-7) that address industrial operational problems such as intelligent data aggregation at the edge to reduce latency or integrating brownfield devices into complex IoT platforms to improve data sharing across the Edge-Cloud continuum.

The Lab includes several open, networked demonstrators that provide an end-to-end perspective on mechanisms useful in the context of IIoT. These include mechanisms such as automated integration of brownfield devices via semantic technologies, deterministic wireless/wired industrial infrastructures, dynamic open-source systems to automate the provisioning, scaling, and management of microservices, and data-centered architectures that can support faster and more energy-efficient data transmission.

The IIoT Lab's activities include research across the Edge-Cloud continuum, with a particular focus on the "Far Edge" where mobile devices and new end-to-end industrial applications are evolving.


The IIoT Lab comprises open-source solutions and is based on open standards. The Lab integrates diverse embedded hardware, deterministic networking equipment, and mobile robots. In terms of software, the Lab integrates open solutions such as MQTT, OPC UA, Web of Things components, Kubernetes and also advanced solutions such as Information-centric Networking.


fortiss IIoT Lab
Open source systems and the integration of different providers result in a variety of work settings.
  • Research
    • Core research topics relate with decentralized Edge computing, real-time system adaptation and in-network computing to support a flexible Edge-Cloud industrial operation.
    • Vertical domains addressed: manufacturing, smart cities, smart facilities, logistics, etc.
  • Information
    fortiss organizes events (Webinars, Workshops, Hackathons) for informing industry, in particular Bayern SMEs on scientific advancements that may assist a better interconnection of industrial environments across Edge and Cloud. The focus is on novel Edge-based technology that reduces latency and energy consumption in critical industrial environments.
  • Qualification
    The IIoT Lab hosts student-oriented training programs and specific events regarding the latest technologies in the context of IIoT, with focus on the flexibilization and dynamic support of the Edge-Cloud continuum.
  • Network
    The IIoT Lab is a playground where fortiss partners from research and from academia can interact via the use of current demonstrators, or via the creation of novel joint demonstrators.
  • Customized solutions
    fortiss enables collaboration and partnerships within projects or via joint activities with industrial or academic partners.
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