C4AI Edge

C4AI Edge

Edge Analytics for Smart City Planning

C4AI Edge

The C4AI Edge project is a joint cooperation between fortiss and IBM within the context of the Center for AI (C4AI) research center. The project aims at exploring and demonstrating intelligent bandwidth efficient planning of city infrastructure leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Edge Computing and 5G/6G networks. The project aims to combine the strength of IBM Edge AI with the fortiss expertise on context-awareness and Edge computing to develop context-aware services.

Project description

Smart cities require the use of smart Edge-based services and ubiquitous connectivity, e.g., 5G/6G, to be able to accommodate a flexible and user-centric city planning. The role, feedback, and context of the user is therefore a key aspect in the development of services that can improve efficiency within smart cities.

C4AI Edge is focused on the development of context-aware and highly configurable Edge-based services, that can contribute to a faster integration and more flexible operation of user-centric, smart city services.

Research contribution

The project shall develop a proof-of-concept open-source demonstrator (TRL 4) for context-aware Edge-based services on the fortiss IIoT Lab.

The Edge-based functionality relies on the IBM Edge AI SDK and shall be extended to provide user-centric services that can assist a better and greener mobility.

fortiss shall also develop an end-user application providing personalized feedback derived from the smart, edge analytics running on the Edge.


Project duration

01.11.2021 - 30.04.2021

Prof. Dr. Rute Sofia

Your contact

Prof. Dr. Rute Sofia

+49 89 3603522 170

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