Embodied Intelligence - The Next Big Thing


Development of a future study in the context of embodied intelligence to identify the social, economic and technical developments and challenges in order to derive recommendations for action for politics, business and science.

Project description

Together with Siemens, the Deutschen Dialog Institut (DDI) and dem Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM), we are conducting a study on future growth markets based on Embodied Intelligence (EI). We derive current developments, patterns and trends - in different areas (technology, competition, value creation and living spaces) and reflect these with the "approach" and "action" of the so-called Digital companies. What is EI? An highly integrated object or a system that can interact with the environment with sensors and actuators, recognizes problems autonomously and works autonomously to solve them and, if necessary, utilizes aids in the form of tools, services, resources, infrastructures etc. We argue that Embodied Intelligence is emerging as a new user or user in our economic system as a consumer of services, applications and information alongside humans. These and other theses, will be evaluated with the help of worldwide conducted interviews with experts of the relevant topics. With this background, we want to deduce concrete recommendations for action for business, science and politics and thus show opportunities for the transformation of their business to participate in this future market.

Research contribution

  • A detailed analysis of the status quo of the German economy, taking into account the economic, social and technological aspects. taking into account the economic, social and technological aspects.
  • Presentation and description of realistic scenarios in connection with the resulting economic potentials, technical challenges, and societal impacts resulting therefrom.challenges and societal impacts.
  • Description of the required economic and technological developments from the current status quo to the developed scenarios based on well-founded hypotheses.
  • Validation of these developments through face-to-face interviews, discussions with experts from industry, research, society and politics in different areas and regions.
  • Identification and derivation of strengths and opportunities of the German economy to implement the predicted developments in an international comparison.
  • Derivation and development of recommendations for action for politics, business and science to strengthen Germany as an industrial location.


Project duration

01.05.2020 – 30.04.2022

Dr. Markus Duchon

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Dr. Markus Duchon

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  • 2021 Toward Embodied Intelligence: Smart Things on the Rise Arne Broering, Christoph Niedermeier, Ioana Olaru, Ulrich Schöpp, Kilian Telschig and Michael Villnow IEEE Computer, 54(7):57-68, 2021. Details DOI BIB