Deterministic Networking across Multipoint Wireless Industrial Edges


DetNetWiFi is a project focused on the integration of deterministic wireless mechanisms in manufacturing environments. The main purpose of the project is to research a holistic approach (OSI layers 2 and 3) for time-aware scheduling and service management to support advanced IoT applications (such as AR/VR) in manufacturing environments. DetNetWiFi shall continue the work developed in the fortiss TSNWiFi project. Both research works are developed in cooperation with Huawei Technologies.

Project description

Deterministic Networking across Multipoint Wireless Industrial Edges (DetNetWiFi) builds on the results of the fortiss and Huawei TSNWiFi project and aims at the integration of larger-scale automation environments, where multiple Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) based on the most recent Wi-Fi standards (Wi-Fi 6/7) extend a deterministic Ethernet infrastructure based on TSN (multi-AP environments), to support advanced IoT applications, e.g., high-definition video.

DetNetWiFi explores an advanced, cross-layer holistic integration between deterministic wired and wireless communication in these industrial environments, also considering that some of the devices and respective controllers are mobile. The project relies on real-world manufacturing use-cases where wireless devices need to be connected to the Edge-Cloud and be able to transfer different types of traffic, e.g., high-definition video, critical manufacturing applications.

The project shall provide both advanced and applied research outcome ranging from internal mechanism specifications, over scientific publications, and standards contributions, to proof-of-concept implementations of the developed concepts.

The results shall be integrated in the fortiss Labs IIoT demonstrator TSNWiFi (deterministic wireless/wired manufacturing infrastructure).

Research contribution

DetNetWiFi aims at providing an advanced and holistic approach for the support of deterministic scheduling, time synchronisation and service management in wired/wireless, multi-AP TSN domains. For that purpose, the project focuses on the development of wireless mechanisms capable of supporting time-critical applications within manufacturing environments.

The project explores several aspects and shall contribute to a multi-AP coordination scheme to mitigate interference in multi-user environments. While the focus is on the development of wireless mechanisms, the project shall consider a cross-layer, holistic approach for scheduling and service management, capable of supporting enhanced time-critical multi-access communications.

Project duration

01.06.2021 - 28.02.2023

Prof. Dr. Rute Sofia

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Prof. Dr. Rute Sofia

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