Munich Innovation Hub for Applied AI

Munich Innovation Hub for Applied AI

We support SMEs in using artificial intelligence

At the Munich Innovation Hub for Applied AI, fortiss has joined forces with the Initiative for Applied Artificial Intelligence (AAI)  and the Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MSRM).

Serving as a starting point, the goal is to offer SMEs in Bavaria a wide range of services related to artificial intelligence (AI) and help them to take up and apply AI technologies.

The Munich Innovation Hub for Applied AI is part of the EU initiative that aims to establish digital innovation hubs (DIH) across Europe. 300 such DIHs are meanwhile officially registered and active. Follow this link for a current list. The Munich Innovation Hub for Applied AI is also a cooperation partner of the European network AI DIH Network of Digital Innovation Hubs with a focus on AI.

Munich Innovation Hub for Applied AI

Digital innovation hubs serve as starting points to help companies make their business and production processes, products or services more competitive through digital technologies. The hubs are based on a technological infrastructure (competence center – CC) and offer access to the most recent know-how and the latest expertise and technologies in order to assist customers in trying out, testing and experimenting with digital innovation. DIHs also offer business and finance support for implementation of these innovations in cases where it is required across the entire value chain.

Given that close proximity is viewed as decisive, they serve as regional starting points and door openers and strengthen the innovation ecosystem. DIHs, which are based on regional collaboration between multiple partners (including research institutes, universities, industry associations, chambers of commerce, incubators, regional development agencies and even governments), can also have strong ties to service providers outside the region who enable companies access to their services.

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Current projects

fortiss currently represents the Munich Innovation Hub for Applied AI in the EU Horizon 2020 projects listed above. In most of these projects, the SME funding instrument of Open Calls is anchored, which offers interested SMEs the possibility of financial support as well as collaboration with a competent technical partner.

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