fortiss wissenschaftliche Publikationen

Wissenschaftliche Publikationen

Veröffentlichungen, Zeitschriftenaufsätze und Broschüren mit Ergebnissen aus dem Institut

Wissenschaftliche Publikationen

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  • September 2024 A Failure Model Library for Simulation-based Validation of Functional Safety Tiziano Munaro, Irina Muntean und Alexander Pretschner In Proceedings of the 43rd International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security (SAFECOMP), To Appear. Details BIB
  • September 2024 Mitigating Conflicts in Architectural Design Decisions for Evolving Manufacturing Systems: Evaluation and Recommendations for Practitioners Tarik Terzimehić und Alois Zoitl In 29th International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA), To Appear. Details BIB
  • Juli 2024 Datenräumen Hierarchisch verteilte Verwaltungsschalen-Registries – Nutzung der Verwaltungsschale in verteilten Umgebungen Thomas Kuhn, Frank Schnicke, Daniel Porta, Tobias Klausmann, Karl Tröger, Thomas Müller, Sebastian Heppner und Tarik Terzimehić In Automation 2024, VDI Verlag GmbH. Details DOI BIB
  • Juli 2024 Requirements for reliable wireless industrial applications (draft-ietf-detnet-raw-industrial-req-01) Rute C. Sofia, Paulo M. Mendes, Eve Schooler und Carlos Bernardos IETF working group DetNet, ():, Juli 2024. Details URL BIB
  • Juli 2024 Towards Assurance of LLM Adversarial Robustness using Ontology-Driven Argumentation Tomas Bueno Momčilović, Beat Buesser, Giulio Zizzo, Mark Purcell und Dian Balta In Valletta, Malta, xAI 2024: World Conference on eXplainable Artificial Intelligence. Details BIB
  • Juni 2024 Analyzing the Accessibility of GitHub Repositories for PyPI and NPM Libraries Alexandros Tsakpinis In EASE '24: Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Details DOI BIB
  • Juni 2024 Emergent Needs in Assuring Security-Relevant Compliance of Information Systems Tomas Bueno Momčilović und Dian Balta In EICC 2024: European Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Conference, Seiten 46–49, Xanthi, Greece, Association for Computing Machinery. Details DOI BIB
  • Mai 2024 A Framework for Cognitive, Decentralized Container Orchestration Rute C. Sofia IEEE Access, 12():79978-80008, Mai 2024. Details URL DOI BIB
  • Mai 2024 A Model-Based Systems Engineering Plugin for Cloud Security Architecture Design Yuri Gil Dantas, Vivek Nigam und Ulrich Schöpp SN Computer Science, 5(5):, Mai 2024. Details DOI BIB
  • Mai 2024 Assessing Quality Metrics for Neural Reality Gap Input Mitigation in Autonomous Driving Testing Stefano Carlo Lambertenghi und Andrea Stocco In Proceedings of 17th IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation, IEEE. Details BIB