fortiss wissenschaftliche Publikationen

Wissenschaftliche Publikationen

Veröffentlichungen, Zeitschriftenaufsätze und Broschüren mit Ergebnissen aus dem Institut

Wissenschaftliche Publikationen

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  • Januar 2022 Dimensions of Accountability in Inter-organizational Business Processes Matthias Buchinger, Peter Kuhn und Dian Balta In Proceedings of the 55th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2022), Band HICSS-55 von HICSS, Details URL BIB
  • 2022 (Proceedings) Software Quality Days: Software Quality. What‘s The Next Big Thing in Software Engineering and Quality? Daniel Mendez, Manuel Wimmer, Dietmar Winkler, Stefan Biffl und Johannes Bergsmann Details BIB
  • 2022 A Live Extensible Ontology of Quality Factors for Textual Requirements Julian Frattini, Lloyd Montgomery, Jannik Fischbach, Michael Unterkalmsteiner, Daniel Mendez und Davide Fucci In Proc. of the International Requirements Engineering Conference, IEEE. Details BIB
  • 2022 Assets in Software Engineering: What are they after all? Ehsan Zabardast, Julian Frattini, Javier Gonzalez-Huerta, Daniel Mendez, Tony Gorschek und Krzysztof Wnuk Journal of Systems and Software, ():, 2022. Details URL BIB
  • 2022 Calibrating Agent-Based Models of Innovation Diffusion with Gradients Florian Kotthoff und Thomas Hamacher Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, ():, 2022. Details URL BIB
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  • 2022 Only Time Will Tell: Modelling Information Diffusion in Code Review with Time-Varying Hypergraphs Michael Dorner, Darja Smite, Daniel Mendez, Krzysztof Wnuk und Jacek Czerwonka Band , , , Ausgabe, 2022. , IEEE. Details BIB
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  • 2022 Towards Cost-benefit Evaluation for Continuous Software Engineering Activities Eriks Klotins und Tony Gorschek Empirical Software Engineering, ():, 2022. Details BIB
  • 2022 Understanding the Implementation of Technical Measures in the Process of Data Privacy Compliance Oleksandra Klymenko, Stephan Meisenbacher, Oleksandr Kosenkov, Parisa Elahidoost, Daniel Mendez und Florian Matthes Band , , , Ausgabe, 2022. , IEEE. Details BIB