AutoFOCUS3 - A Scientific Tool Prototype for Model-Based Development of Component-Based, Reactive, Distributed Systems

Florian Hölzl und Martin Feilkas

LNCS, 6100

2010 · DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-16277-0_13


We give an introduction of the AutoFOCUS3 tool, which allows component-based modeling of reactive, distributed systems and provides validation and verification mechanisms for these models. Furthermore, AutoFOCUS3 includes descriptions of specific technical platforms and deployments. The modeling language is based on precise semantics including the notion of time and allows for a refinement-based methodology for the development of reactive systems, typically found in user-accessible embedded realtime-systems.

Stichworte: AutoFOCUS3, methodology, tooling, model-based systems engineering, MbSE