Closing the GaaP: Lessons Learned from a Web-based Analysis Tool for Practitioners

Peter Kuhn, Dian Balta und Florian Matthes

Ongoing Research, Practitioners, Posters, Workshops, and Projects at EGOV-CeDEM-ePart 2022,

September 2022


Government as a Platform (GaaP) is an approach to government that enables user-friendly and efficient public services through the implementation of platform structures and principles such as modularization and co-creation. While some countries have been or are currently implementing the approach successfully, other countries experience barriers in the application of GaaP. Recent literature is attempting to address these barriers, for example by prac-tice-oriented conceptualizations of GaaP. However, those conceptualizations still need to be applied with expert knowledge. We develop a tool for practitioners that makes an exemplary GaaP concept applicable without expert knowledge. We present lessons learned from the development process and discuss implications for theory and practice.