Design Thinking for Software Engineering: Creating Human-oriented Software-intensive Products and Services

Jennifer Hehn, Daniel Mendez, Walter Brenner und Manfred Broy

Februar 2022 · DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-90594-1


This book explores the possibility of integrating design thinking into today’s technical contexts. Despite the popularity of design thinking in research and practice, this area is still too often treated in isolation without a clear, consistent connection to the world of software development. The book presents design thinking approaches and experiences that can facilitate the development of software-intensive products and services. It argues that design thinking and related software engineering practices, including requirements engineering and user-centric design (UX) approaches, are not mutually exclusive. Rather, they provide complementary methods and tools for designing software-intensive systems with a human-centric approach. Bringing together prominent experts and practitioners to share their insights, approaches and experiences, the book sheds new light on the specific interpretations and meanings of design thinking in various fields such as engineering, management, and information technology. As such, it provides a framework for professionals to demonstrate the potential of design thinking for software development, while offering academic researchers a roadmap for further research.