Government as a Platform in Practice: Commonalities and Differences Across Three European Countries

Peter Kuhn, Giulia Maragno, Dian Balta, Luca Gastaldi und Florian Matthes

Electronic Government, Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS, volume 14130),

September 2023


Government as a Platform (GaaP) promises better and more efficient public services. More and more countries are applying the approach to eGovern-ment development. However, there is scant empirical evidence on how to properly implement GaaP in practice. In particular, most of the literature focusses on the adoption in individual countries. We address this gap by investigating and systematically comparing three countries with successful GaaP implementations. By means of expert interviews and analysis of public documents we are able to extract four commonalities and three differences. We discuss our results as les-sons learnt. We further contribute to theory and practice by enhancing the knowledge on GaaP approaches, providing a first basis for guidelines toward GaaP.