Mobility Management via Inference of Roaming Behavior

Omar Aponte und Rute C. Sofia

Oktober 2019


Abstract—This paper contributes to the topic of mobility management anticipation via the exploitation of preferred net- work ranking utility functions. The work proposes, implements, and evaluates a set of ranking functions based on Quality of Service and Quality of Experience indicators. Such indicators are obtained via wireless overhearing, or via active network probing. The functions also take into consideration recommendations from neighboring nodes. The implementation of the functions has been integrated into open-source software. The proposed implementation is evaluated via experiments carried out on a wireless testbed in terms of handover time to completion, total handovers successfully achieved, and rejected handovers. Results obtained show that overhearing is relevant to estimate mobility, as it brings in more sensitivity and lowers the cost of active probing.

Stichworte: Mobility management, mobility anticipation, wireless networks, IIoT