Modeling ERP Business Processes Using Layered Queueing Networks

Stephan Gradl, Manuel Mayer, Holger Wittges und Helmut Krcmar

12th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, pp. 255-260



This paper presents an approach how to simulate enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) using Layered Queueing Networks (LQN). A case study of an existing production planning process shows how LQN models can be exploited as a performance analysis tool. To gather data about the internal ERP system's architecture, an internal trace is analyzed and a detailed model is built to evaluate system?s performance and scalability in terms of response times with an increasing number of users and CPUs. It is shown, that the solving results match the characteristics in practice. Depending on the number of CPUs, constant response times are observed up to a certain number of concurrent users.