Optimization of Component Allocations in Middleware Platforms using Performance Models

Felix Willnecker

Software Engineering & Management 2015, pp. 287-290

März 2015 · Bonn, Germany


Distributed enterprise applications are typically implemented as system-of systems composed of components and linked via middleware. These systems often utilize corresponding resources far below available capacity. In order to increase resource utilizations the consolidation of components demands several tests on environments comparable to the production system. Performance models can be used to landscape such system architectures and to simulate changes in the component topology or resource environment without harming production systems. Therefore, this work aims at extracting performance models from distributed middleware platforms. Based on these models, an architecture optimizer is built to test different allocation topologies. Subsequently, the optimized model is simulated and the prediction accuracy of architecture changes is evaluated in this work. This allows architects to evaluate component changes and topology variations without a replica of the production system.

Url: http://cs.emis.de/LNI/Proceedings/Proceedings239/287.pdf