Pooling platform: A Decentralized Local Energy Market Platform Based on Clustered Prosumer's Preferences

Godwin Okwuibe, Ksenia Vinogradova, Sören Klingner und Zhiwei Han

Future Energy Solution (FES),

Juni 2023


Local energy markets (LEMs) have been introduced in the last few decades as a bottom-up approach solution to create a competitive market for prosumers/consumers to trade their energy and have control over their energy sources. However, there is still a gap in research for prosumers/consumers willing to exchange energy at defined price- and energy-preferences. In this work, we propose an open-source LEM model for matching prosumers and consumers with the same energy and price policy in a decentralized LEM. Our model was verified of its applicability by simulating it with the data from a German community. The simulation results showed that the model was able to satisfy the energy preferences of the consumers and prosumers in the local community to an average of more than 60%. Moreover, the model also demonstrated improved performance in terms of self-sufficiency and self-consumption ratio to the community compared to trading with the central LEM.

Url: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/10182867