Process-Aware Model-Driven Development Environments

Levi Lúcio, Saad bin Abid, Salman Rahman, Vincent Aravantinos, Eduard Harwardt und Ralf Kuestner

MODELS Workshops, pp. 405–411

September 2017


Due to recent advances in Domain Specific Language (DSL) workbenches, it has become possible to build model-driven development environments as sets of individual DSLs that get composed for a specific purpose. In this paper we explore how model-driven development environments can become process-aware, to assist the user when building a model. We offer an explanation to our ideas at three levels of abstraction: 1) the meta-meta level, the Meta-Programming System (MPS) workbench with its language definition capabilities; 2) the meta level, where brick DSLs are defined and assembled into frameworks that are further tailored for particular modelling scenarios through the introduction of an explicit process for model construction; and 3)the model level, where models are built through progressive tool-guided refinements and automated steps based on the process introduced at the metalevel. We exemplify our approach by providing the main highlights of the ongoing development of a model-driven requirements gathering environment for our industrial partners.

Stichworte: Process-awareness, Domain-Specific Languages, DSLs, Model Construction, generic requirement gathering, framework, process language, requirement refinement process, requirement engineer, model-based systems engineering, MbSE