RACE RTE: A Runtime Environment for Robust Fault-Tolerant Vehicle Functions

Klaus Becker, Jelena Frtunikj, Meik Felser, Ludger Fiege, Christian Buckl, Stefan Rothbauer, Licong Zhang und Cornel Klein

3rd Workshop on Critical Automotive applications - Robustness & Safety (CARS),

September 2015 · Paris, France


The degree of automated operation in vehicles is increasing continuously. Manufacturers want existing and new functions to be integrated, which drives engineering costs. On the other hand, customers grow accustomed to a steady flow of new functionality on smart phones, partially integrated into their vehicles. In this paper, the Runtime Environment (RTE) of the RACE project is presented. Based on a cross-domain system topology, the RTE executes real-time applications of mixed criticality up to fail-operational behavior. It offers communication and safety mechanisms that are configurable in-field to support Plug&Play scenarios. Since integrated functions often require access to different vehicle domains, the vehicle runtime and configuration data model is reified in the RTE to enable test and verification of all these mechanisms.

Stichworte: Model-based Systems Engineering, MbSE

Url: https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-01192987