Skill-based Engineering and Control on Field-Device-Level with OPC UA

Patrick Zimmermann, Etienne Axmann, Benjamin Brandenbourger, Kirill Dorofeev, André Mankowski und Paulo Zanini

Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies And Factory Automation (ETFA),

September 2019


The configuration of current automated production systems is complex and therefore time consuming while the market demands an easy setup and adaptability due to smaller batch sizes and volatile markets. While there are different concepts in research on how to simplify the engineering process by using generic skills or capabilities of devices, run-time control is still achieved with proprietary communication protocols and commands. The concept in this paper uses skills not only in the phase of engineering but also consequently for direct and generic control of field-devices. An executable skill-metamodel therefore describes the methodological functionality which is implemented by using OPC UA due to its vendor independence as well as built-in services and information model. The implementation uses client/server-based OPC UA and the pub/sub pattern to prepare for a deterministic real-time control in conjunction with TSN, which is required by industrial automation.

Stichworte: industry 4.0