[T3] Develop your Own Car

Levi Lúcio, Sebastian Voss, Tatiana Chuprina, Andreas Bayha, Johannes Eder und Sudeep Kanav

MODELS 2018 Conference Tutorials, Copenhagen, Denmark,

Oktober 2018


AutoFOCUS3 (AF3) is a mature model-driven engineering environment to develop software for embedded systems. For the past 20 years,several versions of AF3 have served as a platform for experimenting with cutting-edge research ideas in Model-Driven Development. AF3 is a tool that fully encompasses the software life cycle, from requirements, to architecture, simulation, deployment, code generation and verification. The attendees of this tutorial will be given the unique opportunity to model and deploy software on a real remote-controlled vehicle, using only AF3. Attendees will start by modeling the software controller for a blinker, which will be integrated with the model of the vehicle’s software. The generated code will then be flashed onto a Raspberry Pi contained in the physical remote-controlled model vehicle which can then be driven in the real world. Attendees who finish early will be able to model more advanced driving assistance functionalities. The last part of the tutorial will be dedicated to deepening the attendees’ understanding of the modeling capabilities of AF3 in areas such as requirements engineering, design-space exploration, building safety cases, formal verification, modeling processes, testing or variability modeling.

Stichworte: AutoFOCUS3, case study, fortissimo, rover, model-based systems engineering, MbSE

Url: https://modelsconf2018.github.io/program/tutorials/#t3-develop-your-own-car